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Ballet Merci skirt

Item: Ballet Merci skirt

waist: 64cm stretch to:110cm
lenght: 50cm

Condition: new, handmade

Accessories: detachable pink bow with jewelry

Price: 4,000 japanese yens (Around 35 USD)
The price are in japanese yens because the payment must be in Yens.

Note: This is a handmade item, it can have some flaws like loose strings or other details, please check the photos.
If you need more pictures please send an email.

You can choose the SHIPPING in the payment process:

EMS: with track, takes around 2 weeks.
AIR: no track, takes around 6 weeks
SAL: the cheapest, no track, takes around 8-9 weeks.

Please keep on mind that you are responsible for your shipping choose,
I cant do nothing if the package without track get lost.

You can read all the rules and information as a feedback on the About section:

4000 JPY 3800 JPY
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